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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Hey my beautiful brides!

Wow, it's been ages since I last blogged. Really, since I got back from Portugal and was down with the wedding blues! That has all passed now! And I am back to my normal happy self!

Sorry I haven't been blogging recently. I keep telling myself that I will start to blog again, and then I don't get round to doing it. My friend Laura is much better at blogging and likes to keep to a strict regime, and she's very good at it! Check her blog out here Laura Thinks About

So I have decided to base this post on my wedding dress as I have been getting so many messages and emails asking me questions about it, so that's why I decided to do this post so that I could answer everyone's questions and doubts

Am I selling my wedding dress?

Unfortunately no. I actually don't have my wedding dress in London. The next day after the wedding, I took my dress to the dry cleaners to have it cleaned. The dress was a state as you all can imagine. Also, even if I wanted to sell my dress, I wouldn't as sadly, the bracelet I had on liked to snag on my dress towards the end of the night. So in a way it is ruined, but then again, I'm never going to wear it again. I was thinking of doing tailoring the dress knee length so that I could wear it in a future occasion, but because of the bracelet snags, I doubt anything can be done.

What undies did you wear with the dress?

This question got asked lots and I totally understand why. The IRUNE dress is tailor fit, skin tight, therefore getting the right undies was important. I actually wore undies from H&M. Very simple lace undies which you couldn't notice at all with the dress. And they only cost £3.99!!!

I initially wasn't going to buy the IRUNE dress (thats another story) and spent a fortune on another set of underwear which funny enough I still have in the box wrapped in tissue with the tags on. After changing my dress, I could no longer wear the set I had originally bought. I'm actually selling the set, so if any of you brides know of someone who needs brand new bridal underwear, get in contact.

Did you wear a bra?

For the top part ladies such as our bras... Because of the gorgeous low cut back that the IRUNE dress has, you can not wear any bras. The dress comes with support pads already tailored into the dress so that you have the support that you need. I'm not going to lie, I did look around for bodies with low back and a padded front, but no luck. Ultimo do a body but the reviews on it weren't great due to its comfyness, and believe me, the last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable in your dress on your wedding day. So I wore nothing! 

Now what I did wear was tit tape. This assured me that nothing would escape, and also at the same time gave me the support I needed.

So my gorgeous brides, here were the top three questions I got asked. If you have any other doubts on the Irune dress, please let me know. Comment, tweet or send me an email and I'll be happy to answer any questions.

Much love x


  1. Hey Debbie! Thanks for mentioning my blog :) x

    Your dress looked beautiful, and I can understand why you didn't wear a bra. It's so good it has padding!! xx


    1. Hi Laura

      There was no way you could use a bra with this dress because of the back. Thank God for the padding x

  2. Hi Debbie I have bought the Irune for my wedding in July and I initially loved it. Now I am having doubts about it as some people have commented that it is too sexy for a wedding dress and it doesn't photograph well. Just wondering how your pics turned out (I'm sure you looked beautiful!). I should try not to take negative comments to heart!! X

    1. Hi Josie...


      First of all I want you to think like this "it's your wedding day, it's your choice of the dress, it's what makes you happy"

      The dress is absolutely gorgeous! It's feminine and photographs beautifully. It's sexy but in a sophisticated timeless way. I have many photos on my Instagram of the dress. It looks amazing on! Trust me!!!! And it's a dress that you will feel really comfortable in!

      You're going to look a million dollars in the dress. Check my Instagram out and comment so I know you've seen the pics!!!

      Once again congratulations dolls!

  3. Hi Debbie

    Thank you for posting this. I bought this dress last August for my wedding in October. I remember the underwear I was wearing being totally unsuitable so was starting to fret I would need expensive customised underwear but in all honesty if the pants don't show through then I don't think the top will be an issue. You have put my mind at ease. You looked beautiful on your wedding day. Congratulations.


    1. Kim Kim Kim... I am so sorry I am only replying now.

      I am trying to get back into blogging but with my little girl it has been hard to find the time. Now that she is a little older it is easier as she likes to watch a bit of TV hehehe! I better start writing fast!

      Can't believe its been passed a year since my big day! I loved every minute of it. The dress is so comfy isn't it Kim? Did you get married last October or are you getting married this October?
      I remember looking for underwear! Thankfully H&M saved my life. I love their underwear! It's fantastic!

      Congratulations Kim!!!!

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