One Thousand Appologies

Friday, 19 February 2016

Hello my lovelies

It's been a terrible week and only now (and I'm not 100%) have been able to write a bit here on my blog. Of course the post I'm writing is to appologise on my absence, but I have been so poorly and down with the flu that I haven't been able to get out bed at all.

Being pregnant and with the flu is not nice at all. The worse thing is the fact that I haven't been able to take anything of course. Before I would down two tablets of NUROFENE colds and flu... Now? It's nothing and let each day go by. Now mummies don't stress, it is perfectly normal that we get sick when we are preggy. Our baby takes away all our nutrients from our immune system so it is important that we keep hydrated and take our vitamins!

So it all started at work. That itchy feel you get in your throat. And then the shutting down of the body with aches, pains and shivers. Yup! And that day I was working till 10pm so really late. As soon as I got in, I had a glass of hot milk with lots of honey. It seemed to sooth my throat but oh boy, did I have a restless night. Basically, I didn't sleep a wink, I couldn't swallow during the night and my body was so achey, and I couldn't even breath!!!!!

The next morning I was bed bound! I called work who knew already I wasn't well from the day before. And I stayed home, in bed not being able to move a wink. My throat killed, my body killed and all I felt like was vomiting.

The only worry was our baby. I had to force myself to eat so that baby could get her nutrients but it was so difficult believe me. However my main focus was our baby. It's funny how we worry so much already. 

I think I slept all day! Seriously all day. I put my phone on silent as I knew I would be getting calls from left right and centre. I remember waking up to 7 missed calls. All from mum, dad and cousin. It's nice to know family are always there. 

I asked mum to make me the famous chicken soup which everyone swears by. Bless her, she did exactly that and said that she would bring it round in the evening. 

Falling asleep again, I woke up feeling even worse and with a terrible pain in my chest. I was alone at home and even though I'm a positive person, I did worry. I tried calling my midwife but her phone was constantly off. My husband was still at work and I was alone in the house. No fear, calm I called 111 to seek further advice. Cameron, a very sweet guy I must say analysed me by asking my a dozen questions. My main worry was obviously baby, and this strange chest pain that would come and go. After checking me he told me I had to go to hospital within the next 6 hours and if I was able to do that. Of course I was! Now I was starting to get worried. He booked me in with a GP in the outpatients department on my local hospital which is 2 mins away by car. Thankfully!

I called my husband who was on his way home already and told him that we had an appointment with the GP to check me out. This was 19:30 at night. I also called work to tell them I was not going to be in for the next few days and that I was going into hospital to be checked.

Dragging myself out of bed to make myself at little bit presentable was a difficult task. But the funny thing is when you are now responsible for someone else, you just don't know where that extra bit of energy comes from. It's amazing! 

We got to Hillingdon Hospital, and thankfully it was quiet. We still had to wait maybe 30 mins to be seen. There were a few 111 patients there too. Sat in the waiting room with my husband I just felt like I was going to pass out. I just wanted my bed. We got seen and the doctor who was extra nice checked me out from head to toe. Everything was ok. The pain in my chest was just the fact that I was congested. But main thing was that everything was ok with the baby. So yes, I had and still have a virus. It's not easy to clear up but it will eventually. 

I got told that PARACETAMOL is ok to take when pregnant. 2 times a day only and not exceeding that amount. Lots of fluids and teas to wash out the virus. My husband dropped me off at home while he popped to the pharmacy to get me some bits. I went straight to bed! I couldn't even change into my pyjamas again but I did of course after a struggle. I think I was also lacking energy.

Dad then came round with mummy's chicken soup and lots of fruit. Bless their souls!!!! I managed to eat a bowl thankfully and went straight to bed. I think I fell asleep maybe in seconds. I didn't even hear my husband get into bed.

The next day, I woke up feeling awful still, had some tea, dry toast and fell straight back to sleep. That is all my body wanted. It's like I was in a coma! I just wanted the dark, and my bed! Had some soup when I woke up, and then back to bed! Oh it was awful.

The next day, mum came round to look after me and baby. She cleaned my house, and while I moved into the lounge on the sofa, she stripped our bed, washed, dried and ironed everything. Aired the whole house for me and made sure everything was fresh as a daisy.

I had a shower from head to toe which helps tremendously... It's as if you've taken a ton of toxins off you. Sleeping was great! I felt so much more calmer and relaxed.

It does help an awful lot when you change and clean everything. Airing  the house is another good thing to do. When you're stuck in bed with the windows closed, the bacteria and virus just lurk around. It's so important that you get fresh air!!

And that brings me to where I am now this second. Still in bed and still not 100%. I am getting better though as I do feel it, but I'm still struggling with a few things. It's normal us mummies getting sick. Our immune system is down as baby is taking all our nutrients away from us. Remember to drink plenty of fluids and keep hydrated. That is one of the most important things to do. We must keep ourselves and our baby hydrated.

I will be including a post on a home made tea that I have been drinking in the past few days. As us mummies can't take anything, this will sure help to keep those nasty virus' at bay.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend mummies and stay safe out of the cold x

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