BOTANICS Ionic Clay Mask

Friday, 21 March 2014

So I recently searched the web for the top 10 clay masks, and this one amazingly appeared! So I decided to give it a go.

Enriched with clarifying willowbark, this mask is suitable for all skin types but particularly good for oily skin to combination skin. This face mask actively removes impurities and deeply cleanses.
I was intrigued to find out what the feel of it on my skin was like but mostly how my skin felt after. 
You must shake it before applying so that it mixes well together. It's really runny and needs to be applied straight away on the face. I feel because it's so runny, it doesn't apply thick, but you can always build it up.

When the clay mask is drying, you can really feel the skin tightening. It really feels like the clay is drawing out all the impurities. Also another thing is that when the mask is drying, you can see the oil from the pores come above the skins surface. It really is amazing!

The only bad thing is that after a while (few days of use), it starts to smell... And really girls, do we really want this when relaxing with our clay mask on? I think not!!

Apart from that I have to say it's an amazing product!!! It gets rid of any redness and really does draw out all the yukky stuff... 

The hydrating properties of this mask leave skin feeling clearer, softer, smoother and less oily without over drying the skin.

And another great thing I must stress about is that it is travel size 100ml. So it's perfect as a holiday essential!

Treat yourself to a great product! 

Available at Boots £6.99 

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