Nail Polish by H&M

Saturday, 29 March 2014

So when it comes to nail polish, I'm always concerned about three things...

1. The drying time
2. The application
3. The lasting time before it starts to chip

I hate having to wait around for my nail polish to dry! I'm a paint and go girl! And because of my job, I always have to have my nails perfectly groomed and for that I rely on my favourite nail polish of all time! Nail Polish by H&M!!!

It does everything in one bottle... Perfect colour (nude), perfect application whether it's 1 coat or 2... Even 3!!!! And perfect drying time!!!

I cannot stress how amazing this nail polish is and how beautiful the colour is! If you like your nude colours then this is definitely the one to have in your collection. I can always rely on this little bottle!!! The easy application is fenomenal. The brush is perfect! Not too thick and not too thin! 

And let me tell you how long it lasts... It lasts and lasts!!! You'll find that chipping will come after a week or so... My nail polish will last me about 9-10 days! And I am constantly using my hands in my job and then the house chores too!!! 

Now the worst thing is, it's hardly ever in stock, so whenever I'm popping into H&M, I end up buying the whole rack of them!!!

The colour??? Pink Mist!!!! It's absoulutly gorgeous!!!!

Pick up a bottle at your nearest H&M! 

Opaque Nail Varnish by H&M £2.99 

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